Easiest & Simplest way to setup Web, App & Database (XAMPP)

If you need a web server (Apache), app server (Tomcat) or database (MySQL/MariaDB) for whatever reason, you either install and configure them seperately and go through headach of connecting the to workproperly or you can use XAMPP.

What is XAMPP?

Step 1: Download XAMPP
– Go to Apache Friends and download XAMPP. For this demo, we will stick to the Windows option.

Step 2: Configure XAMPP
Option 1 – Default/Windows Installer: click on “XAMPP for Windows”. Installer downloads. The installation wizard will guide you step by step
Option 2 – Portable (Used for this demo): XAMPP will not be installed on your system. You can save it on your machine like a folder. This option can also move it around using a portable USB card.
– Go to https://sourceforge.net/projects/xampp/files/ and open the “XAMPP for Windows” folder
– Select the version > download XAMPP portable version > Unzip the file

Your Attractive Heading

Step 1: Download & Configure XAMPP

Go to Apache Friends and download XAMPP. For this demo, we will stick to the Windows option.

XAMPP download page on the apache friends site

Running Servers – Apache, Tomcat & MySQL

  • Running Apache & MySQL
    • Run “setup_xampp.bat” in the xampp folder
    • Then start Apache and MySQL from “xampp-control.exe”
    • If you see Apache and MySQL highlighted in green, both the web server and the database server are running 🙂
    • Open the browser and go to “http://localhost” to validate

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